Albert Myer's Colt Model 1855

Florida Auction House Claims Civil War Firearms Records
September 2002

OSPREY, FLA. - Private Collections Auction has reportedly set three world records for Civil War relic firearms at their September 1 sale.

According to the gallery, a Colt Model 1855 First Model Revolving Percussion Two-Band Army Rifle in .44 caliber, identified as the personal firearm of General Albert J. Myer, founder of the Signal Corps, reached $30,800.

The gun hailed from the first contract of 100 pieces from Colt, and featured a low 33 serial number. A daguerreotype of General Myer holding this weapon and an affidavit from Myer's great-grandson identifying the rifle, as well as the General's war record and pay records, accompanied the weapon.

The gallery believes their auction to be the largest in Florida for a private collection of Civil War antique firearms and accoutrements. The gross was in excess of $400,000. Bidders from as far away as Germany, California, and New York participated by phone, and bidders from Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Missouri and other states as well as locals were present.