The Signal Corps Association 1860 ~ 1865 is requesting a citation acknowledging source, rather than declaring a copyright requirement on the "digital reproductions" of the pages, images and other content such as the articles, essays, research documentation, and journal articles which appear upon SCA Web offerings.

Therefore if an author references an article, image or research document in their work (including the full text or not from the SCA) we do ask, that we be cited- mentioning as the source.

SCA and also the Signal Corps Association Re-enactors' Division (SCARD), understand that should the pages refer to living history communication matters, we do expect to be credited as the source when it is obvious that the online version we provide was utilized or created as being modified from such sources.

EXAMPLES - often owners of websites want to incorporate SCA content into their sites, or educational publishers wish to reproduce SCA content in their works and use the digital files created and/or enhanced here (rather than having to locate, scan, etc. from originals).

In these cases we ask the citation appear as follows:

Courtesy of the Signal Corps Association (1860-1865)

- or -

Image - Courtesy of SCA (1860-1865) Digital Collection

In all cases, besides the acknowledgement citation, drop us an email, its always a pleasure to know our work here is useful to others.